Sheffield has brought me more than I expected before coming here.

I have done a lot of things which I didn’t have a chance to do in China, such as organising parties, attending house parties, playing paintball war-game, seeing my first snow and making the first snowman in my life, dressing as a joker in Halloween.

I love exploring new things. And Sheffield has also brought me many friends from different countries.

Just like a mill, Sheffield is always here but with different people coming and leaving every year. People come with hopes and leave with stories. That’s cool.

Photos by Liao Weijie of his year in Sheffield.

Sheffield reminds me of my hometown, Maoming. It lies on the south coast of mainland China. Both of them are small cities with lovely people and comparatively quiet atmosphere.

Photos from Liao Weijie's childhood, taken by his father.

游子 yóu zǐ